15+ Desk Plants That Will Improve Your Workspace

Based on research from NASA, the green color of desktop plants improves memory, increases concentration, helps work performance more and more effectively, and reduces stress very well. Because of these great uses, We will immediately introduce everyone to these extremely suitable desktop plants, both purifying the air and bringing good luck to the growers. With […]

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15+ Desk Plants That Will Improve Your Workspace

Based on research from NASA, the green color of desktop plants improves memory, increases concentration, helps work performance more and more effectively, and reduces stress very well. Because of these great uses, We will immediately introduce everyone to these extremely suitable desktop plants, both purifying the air and bringing good luck to the growers.

With the placement of mini plants on the desk and harmonious colors, the office space will become more luxurious than ever. Furthermore, when you combine smart furniture, you will have a very lively, non-boring space.

Features of desktop bonsai

True to their name, desktop ornamental coconut trees are often placed by homeowners in positions such as reception desks, desks, and many different spaces, depending on the intended use of the home. This plant usually has a rather small body, but it adorns the space very well.

Desktop ornamental plants Mini desktop plants can usually be plants grown directly in soil pots or can also be aquatic plants; depending on the preferences of the grower, the way to choose plants will be different. But in general, they all bring a lot of different benefits, so choosing bonsai for the table is very popular.

We can comfortably place them in many different areas, not confined to the desk, such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom, as long as that area is in need of ornamental plants to grow. desk to improve the space and make it more beautiful.

Not only that, but the potted plants are also capable of filtering harmful substances and radiation in the air quite well, so that the living space of the growers is much cleaner, creating a healthy environment. Do quality work, focus creatively, and get things done more efficiently.

Along with that, if you choose a beautiful desktop plant in the office, the working area will help you focus on relaxation and increase productivity. Many scientists also show that taking care of trees is also one of the easiest ways to reduce stress at work and in daily life.

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A few options for desktop plants

With so many advantages as listed above, it’s no surprise that desktop plants are becoming increasingly popular in both living and working spaces, particularly among the names listed below:

Bach ma hoang tu

Bach Ma Prince: With a body that looks quite luxurious and sophisticated but still exudes a luxurious and noble beauty, Bach Ma Prince is a desk plant suitable for everyone because it brings luck and fortune, and everything is smooth from work to life.

Bach Ma Prince is a shade- or light-loving, partial or complete shade-tolerant plant, suitable for hot and humid climate conditions in Vietnam. The leaves of the Bach Ma tree are heart-shaped, and the flowers grow in clusters at the tips of the branches, bright yellow with a pleasant fragrance. Flowers bloom in spring and autumn. The tree’s fruit is ovoid and contains many white seeds. The Bach Ma tree is grown as a shade tree, a construction

Happy tree

The tree is widely planted in Vietnam and many other countries around the world, particularly in Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, as well as in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Many countries in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and other regions such as East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific grow tree.

The characteristics of this plant are that it is easy to grow, easy to care for, flowers all year round, has few pests and diseases, can be grown in many places, and does not require care. The tree can grow well in all conditions: soil, water, light, temperature, humidity, drainage, etc.

Happiness: This is the name that is being chosen as a desktop mini plants by many civilized people. room, because of not only feng shui but also aesthetics. True to its name, the tree brings both peace and happiness to all.

Truc Bach Hop

Truc Bach Hoph: This desktop ornamental tree brings homeowners luck and prosperity. Work is more and more efficient, and business is much more favorable.

The leaves of Bach Hop bamboo are ovate-shaped, opposite each other, and have long stalks. Flowers are pale yellow with burgundy petals and cymbals in the leaf axils. The fruit is globose and green in color.

Truc Bach Hop is native to India, China, Vietnam, Southeast Asian countries, and some other countries in the world. Truc Bach Hop is widely grown in our country, particularly in the mountainous northern provinces.

Currently, cypress trees are being grown as ornamental plants for office desks, shade trees, construction trees, and shade trees at construction sites, restaurants, hotels, and households.

Cau Tieu Tram

Belonging to one of the ornamental coconut trees on the desktop that can dispel bad air, just having one areca tree in the house is enough to open the air and bring good luck.

Little brocade is a tree that is grown in many provinces in the North, Central, and South. Currently, the tree is being popularly grown in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc…

Trees are planted to serve as fences, and fences are planted all around the house. The tree has broad foliage, narrow foliage, many branches, feathery compound leaves, three opposite leaflets, heart-shaped leaflets, and toothed edges. Leaflets are oval, 2-3 cm long, and 1-1.5 cm wide, with hairy tops and undersides.

The inflorescence is head-shaped, white, growing in the interstitium, with 5 petals; each petal has 5 carpels; each carpel has 2 stigmas, and each style has 2 petals. The spherical capsule, containing many seeds, has

Kim Tien

The tree, also known as the Kim Phat Tai, is a popular ornamental plant that many people enjoy and use to decorate their homes. The money tree is one of the most popular feng shui plants today.

Kim Tien: Attracting Fortune, clearly shows the wealth and power of those who choose Kim Tien to make table plants. Every time it blooms, Kim Tien attracts more fortune and luck.

Money tree Kim grows very quickly, and the tree grows and develops well in places with cool climate conditions and nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. The plant likes light and moisture and tolerates partial shade. The plant is suitable for places with a lot of sunlight and can be grown in pots or indoors.

Truc Phu Quy

Truc Phu Quy: Among the tabletop ornamental plants, Truc Phu Quy brings wealth and great benefits, including luck and peace, to growers. All year round, the tree is always green and does not change color, showing vigor and abundant health.

Truc Phu Quy is an easy-to-grow, easy-care plant that can live in harsh climates, likes shade, and likes light. The plant is suitable for hot, humid climates with little light and humidity. The tree can be grown in a variety of ways, including as a mini bonsai for a desk, indoors, outdoors, in a garden, on a fence, as a shade tree, and so on.

Phu Quy bamboo is very easy to grow and take care of. squirrel. The tree grows quickly, flowers all year, and bears fruit all year. The tree bears fruit in autumn and winter and ripens in spring. The tree is planted for shade and as an ornamental tree in the garden.

Kim Ngan

Besides bringing a great deal of money, this table pot also brings good luck to the owner. The new office with the appearance of Kim Ngan will help us keep our money and be more successful in business.

Honeysuckle is a shade-loving plant that can tolerate shade but not direct sunlight. Plants are suitable for growing as interior plants, ornamental plants for office desks, indoor decorative plants, desktop plants, feng shui plants, garden plants, indoor ornamental plants, etc.

Honeysuckle has oval leaves, dark green, and glossy. The leaves are green and smooth, with serrated margins and hairy petioles. Flowers are pale yellow, clustered in the leaf axils, with white flowers and a pleasant fragrance. When ripe, honeysuckle fruit is spherical, red, sweet, crunchy, and crunchy.

Lan Quan Tu

The will is steadfast, firm, and a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and longevity. Put this beautiful desktop plant on your desk; it will help the owner attract more fortune.

The gentleman’s orchid has a straight stem, staggered leaves, a green color, and serrated leaf edges. Flowers are small, white, and have a characteristic fragrance. Orchids are light-loving plants, suitable for sunlight but not for planting where there is a lot of direct light.

Truc Nhat Dom

“Truc” is pronounced similarly to “Chuck,” so it often means good luck. In addition, this desktop ornamental tree also implies that heaven and earth are eternal, that heaven and earth are long and wide, and that they bring an abundance of health and fortune.

The bamboo tree is easy to grow, easy to care for, and requires little care. The plant grows well in medium light and does not need much watering. The tree gives shade all year, has good drought tolerance, adapts to many different types of soil, and is suitable for many different climates.

Nhat Dot bamboo is often grown as an interior decoration tree, an office table tree, indoor furniture, and indoor and outdoor plants. Spotted Japanese bamboo has wide foliage, a straight stem, leaves that grow from the base to the top of the tree, are dark green with green veins emerging on the leaf surface, and bamboo leaves that are shaped like small white flowers.

Lan Y

A gentle, harmonious beauty that aids in the balance of the air, dispelling conflicting energies. Moreover, this tabletop plant also creates a peaceful and relaxing space. Comfy cps has a very special meaning in feng shui, bringing luck, fortune, and prosperity to the owner.

The orchid is a symbol of wealth, luxury, and nobility with a very good feng shui meaning. Orchids have many different colors, such as white, pink, purple, yellow, red, and purple. Each color has a different meaning, for example, a white orchid represents luxury and nobility; purple orchids represent calmness, serenity, and purity.

Each flower has its own distinct meaning, as well as its own beauty and color. Therefore, when choosing orchids to give to relatives, friends, or colleagues,…

Ngu Gia Bi

Ngu Gia Bi: Grow stronger and more stable on the path of fortune, helping the owner to always consolidate money. More specifically, when choosing Ngu Gia Bi as an ornamental plant for your desk, it will help you not to lose your fortune, your assets will not be lost, and it will also bring prosperity.

Ngu Gia Bi trees are widely planted in our country’s northern mountains. Ngu Gia Da is a 1.5-meter-tall perennial herb. The stem has many spines, growing upright. Simple, alternate, lanceolate leaves are 10–20 cm long, 3–5 cm wide, and have 5-8 pairs of main veins and 5–6 pairs of minor veins. Inflorescences grow in leaf axils, including 5 bracts, 5 white petals, and 5 yellow stamens. green globose fruit with five edges.

The “Flower Lips Tree” or the “Ngu Gia Bi Tree” are other names for Ngu Gia Po. Trees are often grown as ornamental plants, shade trees, construction trees, hedge plants, garden decorative plants, interior plants, office plants, urban plants, indoor ornamental plants, and ornamental plants for ornamental purposes. Office desk…

With characteristics that are easy to grow, easy to care for, and can be grown indoors or out in the garden, tiger tongue is often grown as a decorative ornamental plant in homes, offices, companies, restaurants, mini ornamental plants for desks, and trees. decoration, houseplants…