20+ Perfect Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

Do you have wonderful studio apartment decor ideas? Designing for a small space like a studio apartment calls for ingenuity and efficiency. If you want to have both a lovely and practical house even in a compact studio, you have come to the right place! This article will serve as a guide on how to […]

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<strong>20+ Perfect Studio Apartment Decor Ideas</strong>

Do you have wonderful studio apartment decor ideas? Designing for a small space like a studio apartment calls for ingenuity and efficiency. If you want to have both a lovely and practical house even in a compact studio, you have come to the right place! This article will serve as a guide on how to furnish a studio apartment  as well as tips on how to maximize a small living area. 

What’s more? There are lots of images to help you figure out how to decorate a small space just by rearranging furniture and maximizing storage.

Yet, before starting, let’s figure out what a studio apartment decoration is.

What is a studio apartment?

Most people would think of a studio apartment when they think of a student, but studios aren’t limited to students and don’t have to have the same feel as a dorm room. A studio apartment is a type of small residential building in which the kitchen, bedroom, and living area are all combined into a single space. 

However, there are other studios that, still, feature full kitchens. Although there are two distinct spaces in the apartment, the integrated nature of the living area and the sleeping quarters means that it is still classified as a studio.

How can you divide a studio apartment?

Even if your living room also serves as your bedroom, that doesn’t mean you have to treat it like a bedroom all the time. There are 3 simple ways to design studio apartment decors to divide your apartment:

  • By divider
  • By curtains
  • By bookshelf

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Divide studio apartment by divider

Most people immediately think of wall dividers when they consider studio apartment decor used to divide a room into smaller sections. Creative dividers, however, may be anything from a decorative screen to a game of color coordination, so you shouldn’t feel limited to only the dividers available on Amazon.

Divide studio apartment by curtains

Every inch of space is precious in a studio or other small place. Consequently, curtains as studio apartment decors are the way to go if you need to create a visual barrier between the living area and the bedroom. 

Curtains offer a great degree of seclusion when drawn, but take up only millimeters of floor space. Simply move them out of the way with one hand when you’re ready to leave the comfort of your bed and enjoy the extra space. Oh, and don’t fret if you have zero carpentry experience, it’s ridiculously simple to hang fabric from a rod.

Divide studio apartment by bookshelf

When minimizing clutter and making efficient use of square footage are priorities, the more workable the solution, the better. Divide your small apartment into usable zones by placing bookshelves to an existing wall. 

The bookcases should not reach the ceiling, but it is recommended that they be as tall as possible to create the impression of more space.

20+ Ideas to decorate a studio apartment

When you’re confined to a small space, like a studio apartment decor, it might be hard to avoid clutter and keep personal items hidden. So? How to decorate a studio apartment? We have compiled a list of decor ideas, setup suggestions, and storage hacks to help you make the most out of your small space.

A beautiful example of a bedroom decorated in light colors.

When decorating a small space with studio apartment decors, remember that lighter colors reflect more light. When designing studio apartments, you should benefit from the use of light, airy hues like white, light gray, and beige. To let in more light, put up some light-colored drapes and use floor lamps.

Open up a space with mirrors.

Adding large mirrors is a quick and simple studio apartment decor to update your small flat. In a studio or efficiency flat, mirrors can provide the optical illusion of twice the space. The same effect can be achieved with either a gallery wall of mirrors or a single giant floor mirror.

Use a Colorful Tapestry to Dampen Noise

Living in an apartment might be noisy at times. Studio apartment soundproofing tip: put some colorful tapestries on the walls. Dog barking, loud music, or noisy talkers can all be drowned out by thick carpet, rugs, and draperies.

Design an Accent Wall

As a result of its compact size, a studio apartment presents unique challenges when it comes to interior design. To add that extra splash of color to your studio, think about installing an accent wall behind the bed, in the kitchen, or in the living room. 

Make use of a bed with a built-in closet and additional storage space installed around it

All-in-one studio apartment decors are ideal for a studio apartment because of how much space they save. Beds made from containers are a fantastic illustration of this. Beds like this with built-in wardrobes, drawers, or even space under the mattress are ideal for those living in compact quarters.

A little bed was raised off the floor on three tiny wooden legs.

The storage options in a studio apartment may be limited, so you may need to get innovative. You may get rid of a lot of clutter and give your clothes a place to call home by elevating your bed on a frame, wooden pallets, or a platform.

The Alternative: Put on Hold Loft bed 

If you’re living in a studio, raising the bed is a great way to make the most of the space you have. If you suspend your bedroom, the space below can be used as a dining room, a home office, or a tiny training space, among other things. Make sure your bed is properly braced, though, because it might weigh a lot.

Select a convertible daybed with sliding storage

Trade off your king or queen size bed for a daybed that doubles as a couch during the day. You can store your clothes and accessories in the drawers that come with some daybeds. The trundle adds an extra bed to some daybeds, making them suitable for guests.

Get Imaginative with your studio apartment decor.

In a little studio, space-hogging furniture can be a real problem. Get rid of that bulky sofa and make room for a hammock without giving any comfort in your living area. You may conceal items in multipurpose pieces of furniture like ottomans. You may also use a storage trunk in place of a coffee table.

Wooden crates placed as storage at the foot of a small bed on top of wooden pallets.

Cheap and easy to get, wooden crates can be used to completely transform the look of a studio apartment. Keep a couple stacked at the foot of your bed for instant anonymity and extra storage. Crates can also serve as bookcases, coffee tables, end tables, and nightstands.

Studio apartment decor idea – Use a closet to show off your wardrobe in a small flat.

If you live in a studio unit and there is no dedicated closet space as a studio apartment decor, you’ll need to get inventive. Install a wall-mounted rack with hooks for hats, jackets, and purses. Make your wardrobe more mobile by installing a rolling clothes rack. Another option is to use a clothes rack as a makeshift curtain by suspending it from the ceiling.

A full-length white curtain used to partition a bedroom from a living area in a studio apartment.

Your apartment will feel less like a dorm room if you create a separation between the sleeping area and the living space. If you need some privacy in your studio apartment, hang a curtain as a studio apartment decor in front of, or all the way around, your bed.

studio apartment decor - A full-length white curtain used to partition a bedroom from a living area in a studio apartment

Consider using a full-length room divider to separate your bedroom from your living space

You may get additional solitude without sacrificing the open feel of your studio apartment by installing glass room dividers. DIY room dividers can be made inexpensively out of pallet walls, recycled wardrobe doors, hanging chain mail curtains, and other materials.

A bookshelf being utilized as a room divider between a bedroom and a living room.

You may section off your studio with just a few bookshelves. Use a wall of tall bookshelves to separate your living room from the dining room or the bedroom. A studio apartment decor, such as open bookcases, to let light in and make your flat feel less closed up.

Pegboard is installed in a kitchen to create a vertical storage space. 

Neither a refrigerator nor a stove? Put your kitchen’s vertical and horizontal space to use! Kitchen tools like dishes, pots, and pans can be neatly organized on shelves, pegboards, and wall hooks. You can also use stylish and practical canisters, mason jars, or other colorful containers to store your various cooking implements.

Put your kitchen supplies on a bar cart.

A bar cart is a great way to free up room in a small kitchen or apartment. These compact bar carts are perfect for stowing and showcasing your booze collection, as well as serving as attractive centerpieces for parties in your studio or one-bedroom home. A mobile coffee station can be created out of anything, even a bar cart.

Utilize wall divider to visually expand a tiny apartment 

Putting up tall divider that reach the ceiling can trick the eye into thinking your studio apartment is actually larger than it is. These studio apartment decors are designed to trick the eye into perceiving a greater space than actually exists.

Bigger is better when it comes to artwork.

A great approach to inject some much-needed color and personality into your otherwise bland studio apartment walls is to decorate with some major works of art.

studio apartment decor - Bigger is better when it comes to artwork

A tiny room that has been brightened by the addition of distinctive accent pieces.

Simple ways to inject color and personality into a studio apartment’s decor include adding colorful accent pieces like ottomans, carpets, and pillows. Throws and curtains are great places to play around with color without committing vast swaths of your apartment to the experiment.

Transform a tiny sitting area into a plant paradise in your studio.

Looking to add some greenery to your home but worried about limitations? Hang potted plants from the ceiling to create a lush indoor urban garden if your studio apartment lacks ample window sill space. Large indoor plants, such as fiddle-leaf fig trees, can be used as dividers as well.

A cozy reading nook tucked into a corner of a small apartment.

Do you have any spare room beneath a window in your one-room abode? Make it into a comfy reading spot by adding a storage bench and some cushions. Incorporating a small table into the space makes it suitable for use as a makeshift office or dining room.

Last words

In conclusion, despite the seeming difficulty of designing a studio apartment, it is very possible to do so with the help of our advice and hacks. To recap, here are the most important points to keep in mind:

  • A studio apartment is a small dwelling that packs a lot of living space into a condensed footprint.
  • There are many ways to divide a studio apartment, but we list out 3 usual ways: Divider, Curtains and Bookshelf
  • The one-space studio should not stop your creativity from making an impact. Bookcases and curtains are great space-dividing accessories for a studio apartment.
  • Matching wall colors, installing mirrors, and using hidden storage are some of the tips on how to make your studio feel larger.